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National Renewable Energy Laboratory
 Conservation Easement Trail Head

NREL-The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is home to175 acres in open space easement (wetlands preserved, trails available) on South Table Mountain. Come out and explore the many rugged trails that climb the sunny side of the mountain. Get off Interstate I-70 at Denver West Boulevard and travel North to Denver West Parkway. Turn left (West) and you'll be headed directly for NREL. Click here to open the "official" NREL driving directions map in a new window. Parking is available at the Visitor Center Parking lot.  A trail leads directly from the parking lot to several mountain top access points. These trails are on Department or Energy conservation easement property. As long as you stay out of the fenced areas, your welcome to travel the many Mountain-top trails. The trail below quickly splits in 2 directions, both will take you to the top of South Table Mountain. Enjoy! 

NREL Conservation Easement Trail Head


On December 7th, 2000, members of the Table Mountains Conservation Fund, Inc. and Save The Mesas were given a tour of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory's South Table Mountain top facility. Click here to see some photos. NREL is home to the Solar Radiation Research Laboratory. They have a cool sky cam that takes a 360` view of the sky over South Table Mountain every hour. Click here to open the skycam webpage in a new Internet browser.

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